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In 2006, the vision of creating a training centre unique to the population of South Africa was born in the means of a dissertation for an MBA thesis.
In 2009, plans were put into place to roll out this vision. Over time “Craft and Business Academy” has been operating with the goal to become a community development centre. Helping unemployed, less advantaged and assisting them through sponsorships.
Starting as a quilting shop in 2009, teaching quilting, dressmaking, beading, textile art, crochet and knitting and adding haberdashery and wool into the shop in 2018, teaching prisoners at Leeuwkop prison in 2019, and now opening the doors to unemployed youth as from January 2020.
Craft Academy has taken on the YES program as offered by Afrika Tikkun Services to develop young people to become experienced in various aspects of business. The learners will walk with us as we teach them various crafts, business management skills and marketing of products to enable them to become entrepreneurs. This yearly program contributes to their holistic health of the person, their desires and transforms this into skill and business opportunity. Coupled with our joint ventures within the Non-Profit Organization space they will be exposed to various organizations and gain valuable experience in a year. Creating items for resale, learning pricing principles and learning to make products, selling online and at markets as well as take on commissions will transform them into businesspeople.
We rely on donations for our tools of trade and therefore all assistance is greatly appreciated. Items we need are sewing machines, over lockers, wool, fabrics, dress fabrics, scissors and rotary cutters and mats, haberdashery, crochet cottons and hooks, knitting equipment, leather, key rings, beads and craft related items.
Currently our age group is 18 to 29 years, however we have a desire to assist older people too, so sponsorships are sought for this purpose.
If you would like to sponsor an unemployed person, please contact us to arrange this. We also need sewing machine sponsorships for deserving individuals.
Our items for sale can be seen on the link below. Please support us so we can support the community.


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